Informality in the Brazilian Housing Market: The Case of the Metropolitan Region of Campinas – SP (RMC)

Abstract: This article is a result of a research project, from a cooperation between the IDB and UNICAMP and
its object is the housing and the families with less than seven minimum salaries of the metropolitan region
of Campinas. The main question of this article is: does the level of formality or informality in the housing of families have clear relation with: family’s wealth, family’s housing expenses, distance from center, plot size, plot
prices and zoning? The field survey has a sample of 643 families, statistically significant to 93% from nine
municipalities, based on their population with less than seven minimal wages. The article will be subdivided in 4 parts: a small literature review on types of housing illegality; the field work methodology; main data presentation; analyses and policy propositions.